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For centuries, Stucco has been proven the most weather resistant, the most enduring and the most popular exterior wall finishes around. Therefore, if you are looking for exterior stucco plastering, you have come to the right place. STUCCOFRESH has been in the business of providing exceptional stucco solutions and expertise for 10 years. Our goal is your satisfaction as we have got a famous stucco formula has been passed down and continues to be special, unique and a well-kept custom. So our company is proud of our reputation for good honest work at a fair price for residential and commercial customers.
We work directly with homeowners, business owners and property managers providing stucco installation, repainting or repairing of your coating. One of our extensive solution is Venetian plaster that can turn your walls into a work of art due to its deep, glossy marble effect. Besides you can create unlimited designs using our architectural mouldings, trims, sills, bands, quoins, keystones. Moreover, we specialize in drywall, parching, restoration of existing stucco and repair services.

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